Air Monitoring & Clearance Certificates

Identifibre Pty Ltd is a National Association of Testing Authority (NATA) accredited laboratory with extensive experience in the asbestos industry. We can help you understand the requirements of both the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations (VIC) 2017 and the Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations 2011. Identifibre offers all hygiene services required for asbestos removal works including;

•       Background air monitoring
•       Clearance air monitoring
•       Visual clearance certificate
•       Project Management
•       In-house sample analysis testing facilities
•       Portable laboratories
•       Smoke tests
•       Negative air pressure tests for containments
•       Supervision for asbestos removal works
•       Synthetic mineral fibre air monitoring

At Identifibre we understand that not all people who manage or control workplaces are familiar with the asbestos regulations and compliance codes.

Our experienced consultants can help explain what is legally required and what is appropriate in each circumstance from friable asbestos works, non-friable asbestos works and works in domestic properties.

The Regulations only apply to workplaces. A workplace is defined as a place, whether or not in a building or structure, where employees or self-employed persons work. If an employer or self-employed person attends a domestic premises (not a workplace, eg a home) to conduct asbestos removal, the Regulations apply.


Project Management

Identifibre Pty Ltd can provide management assistance in all phases of asbestos abatement activities, from preparation of specifications through to project completion including final clearance certification. This requires:

•       Preparation of specifications and scope of works.
•       Supervision of asbestos removal works to ensure specifications are followed.
•       Air monitoring of work areas to ensure engineering controls are maintained.
•       Co-ordination of all personnel: contractors, sub‑contractors and client staff.
•       Visual inspections of work areas to ensure work has been performed to a satisfactory standard.
•       Clearance certification of the work area at the completion of each phase of the project.



Hygiene Services


Friable asbestos removal works

Asbestos removal work involving friable asbestos containing materials must always be performed by a class A-licensed person or employees of a class A-licensed person.

Background air monitoring must be conducted before the work commences if the asbestos work will be performed indoors or if it is performed outdoors and will constitute a risk to other persons.

On completion of friable asbestos removal work clearance air monitoring must be conducted within the enclosed area and a clearance certificate (visual inspection) must be obtained prior to any person re-occupying the area where removal work occurred.


Air monitoring must be analysed as soon as is reasonably possible after it is taken. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the industry on for our fast turnaround on results.


To enable works of other contractors to commence and ensure minimal disruption of work sites we aim to deliver air monitoring reports and clearance certificates within the same day. To help us achieve this all consultants hold analyst status for estimation of airborne asbestos dust, we have a NATA accredited in-house laboratory for results and multiple NATA accredited portable laboratories for sites further away or sensitive sites requiring extra attention.



Non-friable asbestos removal works

Asbestos removal work involving non-friable asbestos containing materials must be performed by a class A or B-licensed person if:
• the area of asbestos containing material to be removed exceeds 10 square metres in total, or
• the total time over which asbestos removal work is performed in any period of seven days exceeds one hour

The Regulations do not require any form of air monitoring for non-friable asbestos removal work. However, the person who commissioned the removal work needs to consider providing paraoccupational air monitoring during removal of non-friable asbestos containing materials that is being done in or next to a public location.

A clearance certificate (visual inspection) must be obtained prior to any person re-occupying the area where removal work has been done in relation to non-friable asbestos containing material greater than 10 square meters.



If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us on the form below, we will endeavour to respond to your request within 24 hours or by calling our office during business hours Identifibre Pty Ltd (03) 9570 1555.





Work health and safety related to asbestos is regulated by each state and territory.


To view a copy of the Victorian regulations please click on the following link:

Occupational Health & Safety Regulations (VIC) 2017$FILE/17-022sra%20authorised.pdf


To view a model* copy of the Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations 2011 please click on the following link:

*(The model WHS Regulations are model provisions only. To be legally binding they need to be enacted or passed by Parliament in each jurisdiction)


Compliance Code – Removal of asbestos in workplaces

WorkSafe Victoria have compiled a compliance code in regards to the removal of asbestos in workplaces, which can be viewed at the following link;



From 1st July 2013, the Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations introduced an asbestos assessor licence as a requirement for air monitoring, clearance inspections or the issuing of clearance certificates for class A asbestos removal works.

To be eligible for this licence you must be able to demonstrate you have carried out training (or have adequate experience) in the asbestos removal industry over the past two years. Identifibre Pty Ltd has a number of staff with the asbestos assessor licence.


Asbestos Assessor Licence

Eliza Henshaw:  LAA001021

Michael Retra:    LAA001101

Ben Ward:          LAA001216

Brian McKane:   LAA001217

Matthew Owen:  LAA001228


NATA Laboratory Accreditation Number: 15132

Identifibre Pty Ltd complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005


7.82 Workplace Environment and Hazards

.01 Asbestos Fibre Counting
Estimation of airborne asbestos fibre by the membrane filter method described in the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission Guidance Note (2005) and Identifibre method No.1

.08 Synthetic Mineral Fibre Counting
Estimation of airborne synthetic mineral fibres using the membrane filter method described in the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission Guidance Note (1989) and Identifibre method No. 1 and 4

.81 Volume Measurement (Air)



Master Builders Association

Work Safely in the Construction Industry – White Card

The ‘White Card’ is a term used to describe the nationally-recognised plastic card required by all on-site construction workers in Australia. It is issued by state and territory governments following successful completion of the construction induction course ‘Work Safely in the Construction Industry’, commonly known as White Card training.

All consultants have completed the ‘Work Safely in the Construction Industry’ (White Card) training or the previous format Red Card.


Health & Safety 18001 PMS3282





NUMBER 15132